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Apple’s Security Chief: 200 iPads As Bribe To Get Gun Licenses Charged By The Authorities

Apple ipad bribe

In the technology industry, too, there are always criminal cases that are not exactly commonplace. This certainly includes the current charges against Apple’s security chief: Thomas Moyer is accused of bribing law enforcement officials.

The allegations of bribery against Moyer are not really the spicy thing: The Chief Security Officer of the Californian company is said to have offered the sheriff’s office of Santa Clara 200 iPads (or was instigated) a corporate gift so that several employees could have gun licenses or permits to do so Carrying firearms exhibits.

Undersheriff Rick Sung and Captain James Jensen are also accused. Moyer’s lawyer stated at the beginning of the negotiations in this case that his client was innocent. According to a company spokesman, Apple has already carried out an internal investigation and has not found any misconduct.

Consideration required, 200 iPads “offered”

As Bloomberg reports, the center is the deputy chief of police, Undersheriff Rick Sung. This is said to have withheld CCW licenses (Concealed Weapon Permits) until the applicant has offered a correspondingly valuable consideration.

This means that the bribery was not caused by Moyer, but Moyer is said to have agreed to do so. Four CCW licenses were withheld from Apple employees, and the two officials were able to get Thomas Moyer to promise that Apple iPads would be “donated” to the sheriff’s office. “The promised donation of 200 iPads valued at nearly $ 70,000 was withdrawn at the last minute when Sung and Moyer learned of the search warrant that the prosecution executed in the sheriff’s office with the confiscation of all CCW license documents,” according to a statement from the attorney in charge.

According to Moyer’s attorney Ed Swanson, his client was drawn into a feud between the sheriff’s office and the district attorney: “This case involves a long, bitter, and very public argument between the Santa Clara County Sheriff and the District Attorney, and Tom is one Collateral damage in this dispute. We look forward to resolving Tom’s innocence in court and putting an end to this unjustified charge.”