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Apple Rumored To Bring ‘Real’ Home Screen Widgets to iOS14

Widgets have been in iOS for years, but typically they’re on a dedicated screen, rather than anywhere you want them to be, as with Android. But you can get the versatility soon. , 9to5Mac reportedly discovered that Apple is creating a ‘true’ widget program for iOS 14, as part of a continuing series of code leaks. Codenamed “Avocado,” the feature will allow you to put widgets on your home screen anywhere, as if they were icons in the game. The 9to5 crew warned that there was a risk that the feature could be cut by Apple (say, because of development time).

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The news may be backed by the latest post hint from Twitter user Dongle about a new approach to wallpaper in iOS 14.

Wallpaper settings supposedly leaked screenshots include a category of “home screen appearance” that would allow smart dynamic wallpapers to be blurred, dark or flat on demand. In principle, if your normal context is too busy this might make widgets stand out.

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We wouldn’t depend on total versatility as on Android, where you have resizable widgets and the option of putting app shortcuts practically anywhere on the home screen. However, if this new approach to the widget hits iOS 14, it might go some way towards appeasing users who believe that iOS ‘home screen interface has been essentially unchanged for years.

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