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Apple Says the Vision Pro Headset Will Launch on February 2

In the US, Apple is set to debut the Vision Pro headset on February 2. Across the country, the new headset will be available at all Apple Stores. Moreover, it can be purchased from the company’s online stores. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, declared today that the age of spatial computing has arrived. Concerning consumer electronics, the Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced gadget ever made. Its ground-breaking and enchanted user interface will completely change the way we communicate, create, and explore.

The company claims that the Vision Pro is a revolutionary spatial computer. It will transform consumers’ lives. Reportedly, the headset is priced at $3,499. It will come with 256GB of storage. Users can pre-order the device two weeks before the official launch, i.e., on January 19.

Some details about the external battery of the headset

In addition to this, the company unveiled that the external battery of the headset is capable of providing up to 2.5 hours of 2D video playback. It is thirty minutes longer than what it provides for “general use” on a single charge. The company has shared several details about the headset on the product page. Apple states that its claims are based on tests that included an environment using 2D movie content acquired from the Apple TV app. Users can alter their surroundings with cinema environments and can convert a room into a personal movie theater.

According to details, the term ‘general use’ refers to tasks like internet browsing, FaceTime, spatial video capture, and video playback. One thing to notice here is that this is the first time that the company has shared details about the external battery of the headset. In the past, the company claimed that when connected to an external power supply, the Vision Pro headset could be indefinitely used. However, the company has now removed this information from the product page.

Users will have access to content from several online platforms, like Disney+, Max, Apple TV+, and other services. They can be entertained by the content on a 100-foot-wide screen that can support HDR content. Additionally, customers will have access to over 150 3D films within the Apple TV app.