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Apple Smart Pencil will let you Write in Air

A patent has been registered by Apple of a smart pencil that will allow users to write in three dimensions. This will allow users to write in mid-air as well.

The new patent registered by Apple is called “Content creation using Electronic Input Device on Non- Electronic devices.” It is like an electric pencil which will allow the Apple users to write in three dimensions. The data that will be created via this electric stylus would be sent to various devices wirelessly.

The fun part of this stylus is that it can be used on a completely flat surface. Furthermore, users can also use the stylus to draw 3D pictures which can be transferred to an electronic device.

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Three Apple engineers worked on this new patent as per Apple Insider. The benefits of this patent stylus are numerous including it can create 3D object models on the PCs via “Radiofrequency or acoustic signals”.

The first media company that found this patent was Techtastic. After that Engadget reported that patent for this stylus filed in 2017 & was made public in January.

It looks that the new patent stylus is a better-upgraded version of current Apple Pencil. It will be able to connect with Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch & iPod.

This stylus is just a patent for now. Will it launch or not, and if it does what will be the expected date of its launch, are questions we all want answers to but as of yet, we know no details relating to this.

What is the most interesting thing is that Apple is working on an electronic pencil while its late CEO Steve Jobs believed that there is no better stylus than human fingers so there was no need to make a stylus. Now the company is adopting latest technologies & bringing forward new modern tech gadgets.