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Apple Suggests 13 New Emojis Representing People with Disabilities

Apple has proposed the new emojis yesterday for representing the people with disabilities, hearing aids and guides in a much more better way, in submission to the Unicode Consortium as indicated by the Emojipedia.

In the filed submission by Apple, it wrote that the firm is requesting the addition of the new emoji for representing the individuals with disabilities in a much better way. Presently, the provided emojis offers a wide variety of options, however, they may not represent the experiences of those with the disabilities.

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The new set of emojis includes a hearing aid, a guide dog, prosthetic limbs and people using canes or wheelchairs. The newly introduced emojis are total thirteen in number, with the complete total of forty-five if skin tone options are also included and counted.

Apple says that the introduction of the emojis is just the beginning, indicating that there might be more accessibility emojis to come.

As per Apple the need for these emojis roots from the fact that out of every seven people in the world one person is such suffering with some form of disability may that be physical or some disability relating the vision, hearing or loss of some physical motor skills or any other invisible disability.

In the making of the new emojis, Apple kept the focus on four main categories which include low vision and blindness, hidden disabilities, physical motor and deafness and hearing related issues.

The Unicode Technical Committee meeting, where the members think over these emojis, is scheduled for the next month. If these emojis gets an approval, they would then be placed on the shortlist of candidates for Emoji 12.0 due for a release during the first half of 2019.

In the meantime, the emoji list for the year 2018 has been completed and is expected to come to major mobile platforms during the second half of the current year.

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