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Apple To Test 5G Internet Technology

Apple wants to take wireless internet technology to another level. It is working on testing 5G internet technology close to its headquarters in California. Apple is going a step ahead by testing the kind of internet speed that is attainable by just a millimeter wave technology. The working is similar to the technology used by Starry which is a Start-up to provide Wi-Fi in homes. Apple wants to find out the performances of Wi-Fi in a single path and in multi-paths situations. These research based findings would provide data that will be operational on future 5G networks.

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The concept of 5g is still unclear and it needs to be classified. What is understood that the replacement of LTE should have gigabit speeds which would transmit data at higher frequency and smaller wavelength. It is expected that this technology would reduce the size of antenna and create a single device from various antennas.

So what we are talking about is to have internet speed more than LTE. There are shortcomings to this technology mainly that the signal wouldn’t be able to travel through large distances and many surface materials.

Apple focus is on hardware part of testing for building its new iPhones. So for telecoms, chip makers and other organizations there is still a lot to be done for this technology to become available. We have to wait for at least two years for it.


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