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Google Families App You Need To Share With Your Family

Google wants Families To Be Better Connected, Google families would be able to share photos, calendars, reminders  

Google is now expanding its services to families, you can easily share information with your immediate family using Calendars, Keep, Photos and YouTube TV.

Yesterday, Google has announced new service called Google Families, it is an expansion of ability to share Apps purchased on Google Play store and Google Play Music subscriptions.

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Google Calendar, Google Photo and Google Keep support will be rolling out from Tuesday according to the announcement. However, YouTube TV support is only available in fewer markets where the service has already been launched. YouTube TV support is currently available in few states of U.S. including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia.  

Google has also announced parental control app for android devices in March, it is good to see that companies and now focusing on families and children to create better user experience for entire family. As device penetration increases and reaches children it is a responsibility for big companies like Google to deliver some proactive measures that could help improve their daily lives.

If you wish to get started with Google Families app, you will have to create a family group of up to six people on the Google Families website.

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