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Apple to Enable eSIM Chip on Latest iPhone Models

eSIM chip

Apple latest iPhones for the year 2018 would be coming with the Dual SIM capabilities. A normal SIM would be placed with the eSIM chip in the iPhone’s SIM tray. Users would enjoy the eSIM technology inside the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

The Apple Watch and the Apple iPad are already equipped with the eSIM chips however it would be the first time ever that the Apple phones would feature these SIMs.

The eSIM chips would be activated in future with an upgradation of iOS 12 however it is not clear that when this would be happening. The users of the 2018 iPhone models would enjoy the use of Dual SIM once it gets activated. Standby would permit the users to select one active SIM card with the modem for the purpose of receiving calls.

Users would be able to set up two numbers on a single mobile phone, one for business purpose and one for personal usage with the Dual SIM Dual Standby.

The dual SIMs iPhone 2018 models are specifically for China and that may only be because of the use of the Dual SIM feature which is much more extensive in that market as compare to the other markets. But, Apple has not got the approval of using the eSIM chips so far, the approval is still pending.

The Dual SIM cards feature is pretty new for the iPhones, in comparison to that, it has been in the Android for ages. The introduction of the feature would prove advantageous for all the iPhone users as it would make the travelling easier and would also be helping the users in avoiding the roaming charges.

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