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Apple to Launch a New Low-Price Laptop

new low-price laptop

Apple is intending to launch a new low-price laptop which would be ditching the touch bar found on the 13 and 15-inch MacBook pros but would keep the fingerprint sensor. The new laptop is expected to be launched before the end of this year.

Presently, the cheapest laptop model that Apple is offering is its 12-inch MacBook, which is devoid of the touch bar or the fingerprint sensor. Apple has plans of replacing this MacBook with this new laptop.

It is still not known that whether Apple would be unveiling this new laptop besides the new iPhone models on the planned keynote on the 12th of September, but, chances of that are quite thin as this is the first rumour regarding a new laptop announced by Apple which has emerged, and that too this close to the date of the event. However, it is anticipated that Apple would be making an announcement regarding this low-price laptop before the end of this year.

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As per Bloomberg, who were the first ones to break the news regarding this new low-price laptop, Apple would make use of a higher resolution display in this new laptop than it was incorporating in its MacBook Air. However, there is still no confirmed news that whether it would be using the new “Butterfly keyboard switches” or not.
Many Apple consumers have complained previously regarding the durability issues with these new keyboard switches and it is anticipated that Apple would either use previous chiclet-style keyboard switches or would launch a new and improved version of the Butterfly switches for this new low-price laptop.

The laptop is expected to release before the end of this year and would be for the general consumers and students.

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