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Apple to offer dual SIM variants in China

Apple is going to dual-SIM tray in the upcoming iPhones of 2018, the company will offer dual-SIM standby capabilities in the iPhones only sold in China.

According to a report by China’s 21st Century Business Herald covering the upcoming iPhones in 2018, the report reveals that Apple will launch two-SIM tray for iPhones sold in China. However, for rest of the world, Apple will bring in a different solution.

In 2014, Apple launched Apple SIM which was integrated inside the Apple iPad Air 2. The solution allowed the user to quickly switch the wireless provider depending on preferences, price, and amount of data allowed.

Since Apple SIM is working in more than 180 countries but not in China, Apple wants to remove this hurdle by offering dual-SIM tray in iPhone sold in China later this year. A perfect solution for Chinese market and an opportunity to regain the declining market share, many users in China use dual-SIMs in their phones, users may not pay attention to use the phone which can only carry one SIM because then they have to carry two phones in order to use two SIMs simultaneously which becomes a headache for a lot of users.

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According to China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC), around 4 million smartphone users in China prefer to use dual-SIM phones because they use dual-SIMs regularly. The report also claims that two major aspects of smartphones that are most desired by Chinese users are Dual-SIM capability and large battery capacity. iPhones till to date are lacking in both features, in favor of design Apple tend to manufacture smaller batteries that are not a good sign in the Chinese market.

Despite the disadvantages, iPhone has a dramatic influence on China, the new strategy would be critical in bumping up sales in Asia, bigger iPhones with bigger batteries and dual-SIM cards would ramp up iPhones popularity and sales while generating concerns for Android manufacturers.