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Apple To Raise iPhone 13 Prices

Apple iPhone 13

The most important chip supplier Apple wants to raise the prices for some of its products significantly. The company with the apple logo will presumably pass these additional costs on to its customers. One of the first products to rise in price: the iPhone 13.

Components Increase The Final Price

Of course, it is not a phenomenon that applies exclusively to Apple: If the purchase becomes significantly more expensive, the price of the product made from it also has to be adjusted in the end. For months we have been reporting that there are shortages in chips that will probably last for years. Now there are reports that TSMC, the world’s largest independent contract manufacturer of semiconductor products, will charge significantly more for its services in many areas.

According to MacRumors, the company has informed its customers that the price for the “advanced and mature process technologies” – that is, the high-end chips – will be revised up by up to 20 percent. These new prices are to apply from January 2022, but orders that are executed in December will probably also be billed according to the new structure. “Apple, TSMC’s largest customer, whose orders account for more than 20% of the foundry’s total wafer sales, will see a price increase of 3% to 5%,” said the industry source.

More Expensive iPhone 13

In order to compensate for these increased costs and their influence on the “profit margin”, Apple should therefore consider a price increase for the upcoming iPhone 13 family. At the moment, of course, such steps are the subject of speculation for the time being, and the product family also offers Apple a lot of room for adjustments across many models – especially at the top, increases are probably less significant. We are curious to see how the iPhone prices will develop in the end with the current market situation of the suppliers.