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Apple To Release 2 Million Foldable iPhones In 2023

Apple Foldable

According to the latest and industry insider report, a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out in an analysis report to investors that Apple is developing a folding screen iPhone and is striving to release it in 2023. This phone will be equipped with an 8-inch QHD+ resolution OLED flexible screen, using advanced technology.

Kuo Mingchi said that according to the latest industry survey, the foldable iPhone will exclusively use Samsung as the screen supplier. According to Apple’s requirements, it is expected that the stock will reach 15-20 million units. The new mobile phone is expected to use TPK’s nanosilver wire touch technology because this method has more advantages than Samsung’s Y-Octa technology.

In addition, Kuo also said that since 2021, major mobile phone brands will successively launch foldable mobile phones to promote the next wave of phone replacements, and Apple will become the “biggest winner” in this field. Kuo Mingchi predicts that the positioning of foldable smartphones lies in integrating tablets and mobile phones, and the boundaries of these types of devices will become more blurred in the future. Apple has its own ecological and hardware advantages, which is conducive to gaining advantages in folding screen products.

Earlier it was reported that Foxconn was testing two folding screen iPhone prototypes, it is also expected to support pencil.

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