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Apple To Soon Allow Users To Repair Their iPhones On Their Own

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Apple is reacting to the massive criticism that has been going on for years about the restriction of the repair of its devices by non-certified third-party companies. As part of a new self-service repair program, the aim is to give customers the opportunity to repair iPhones and other devices themselves.

Apple has announced the introduction of the so-called Self Service Repair Program (SSRP) in early 2022 announced. As part of this offer, US customers will initially be given the option of replacing certain components of their Apple devices themselves. The program is to be expanded to other countries at a later date in 2022. It should be possible to use parts officially provided by Apple.

In the beginning, Apple’s self-repair program is focused on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, but a short time later they also want to support the new Apple Mac computers with the M1 platform. Apple wants to offer the parts for repairs that can be carried out by customers themselves via a specially set up online shop. Apple has not yet commented on the prices, but they want to offer credits for customers who send in used parts for recycling.

Users would change displays, batteries and cameras

At the start of the Apple Self Service Repair program, Apple wants to enable the exchange of important components such as displays, cameras, and batteries, but later it should also be possible to exchange other components with the official blessing of the US group. The company also wants to provide corresponding instructions and manuals for this purpose.

When introducing the self-repair program, Apple made it clear that it is only aimed at customers who already have experience performing such work. If you don’t trust yourself to open the respective devices yourself and thus risk a loss of warranty or damage to the hardware, the company recommends that you continue to make use of the official repair options.

It is still open whether and which other devices will be supported as part of the self-repair program for Apple products. Apple is repeatedly criticized for severely restricting the possibilities for inexpensive repairs by smaller companies or the users themselves. In the USA and other countries, the pressure on Apple and other manufacturers has recently grown, as new regulations and laws are intended to give buyers of the devices more options within the framework of the right to repair.

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