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Apple Car Rumors Keep Apple To Be Most Valuable Company

Apple Turned 45 on April 1st

Apple has been fueled by new rumors about self-driving cars – reclaimed the crown as the most valuable company in the world from Microsoft. Microsoft overtook the iPhone company in October and is now back in second place.

In the past week, there have been interesting new rumors about the development of the Apple Car. There were indications that Apple is confident of being able to launch an electric car that will be a self-driving “lounge on wheels” by 2025. The market has now reacted extremely positively to these rumors – this is reported by MSPowerUser.

Apple Value Increased Due To Rumors

Within hours of the rumor being spread, the stock has risen approximately $50 billion in value. Apple has achieved a market capitalization of around $2.63 trillion. The group is once again the highest-rated company in the world and has recaptured the throne from Microsoft. This little game has been going on for years now so that Apple and Microsoft overtake each other as the most valuable companies in the world. Microsoft last assumed this position in October after the group had presented its earnings report. Now it’s a mixture of the good quarterly figures that Apple put in and the expectation of new products that have been cropping up in the rumor mill for years.

Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, wrote that the new Bloomberg report on the Apple Car that sparked the onslaught “was the first press release to include a large number of data points taken from Apple insiders and enough detail to give credibility to the idea that Apple’s auto-launch could both accelerate new technology adoption (EV + AV) and expand the addressable market, much like Apple’s previous product launches. “

Huberty predicts that Apple’s entry into the auto market is the “clearest way” for Apple to double sales and market capitalization again within a short period of time.