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Apple Watch Series 8: Extreme Athlete Pro Model

So it’s no surprise that new versions of the Apple Watch will be available in the fall. Interestingly, though, Apple is likely to offer a higher-rated Pro variant, like the iPhone and other products, which should differentiate itself from the Series 8 with a larger screen and more stable materials.

Apple Watch Pro over the Series 8

Mark Gurman, who has often been correct about Apple rumors in the past, has reported: Bloomberg that Apple wants to make a Pro version of the Apple Watch, which is technical and priced above the Series 8, which is also expected, and intended to appeal to extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to the designation as Apple Watch Pro, the names Apple Watch Max, Apple Watch Explorer Edition, Apple Watch Extreme, or Apple Watch Rugged Edition are also up for debate.

However, Gurman adopts the Pro suffix – for consistency with the rest of Apple’s product range; the term is familiar to customers. In the case of the Apple Watch, it should mainly hide a more robust and therefore heavier housing, presumably made of titanium, and a slightly larger screen. The screen of the Apple Watch Series 7 in 45 mm measures 1.9 inches, with the Pro version of the Series 8 that should be almost 2 inches – Gurman speaks of about 7 percent more surface. In addition, the display glass is more shatter-resistant. The battery life is also longer and there are improved tracking functions, for example, to record your own location while walking, jogging, or swimming. Exclusive dials are also conceivable.

The most expensive edition after the edition

As a possible prize, Gurman cites the $900 to $1,000 pre-tax range. At the current US dollar-euro parity, prices including VAT up to 1,200 euros are conceivable. The Series 7 is already available with a titanium case, the suggested retail price is around 830 euros or 880 euros for the two sizes 41 mm and 45 mm. The stainless steel version costs from 730 euros or 780 euros; with an aluminum housing that is respectively 430 euros and 460 euros. With the Apple Watch Edition, there was already an even more expensive model for the first generation in the fall of 2015: Apple asked for prices of around 18,000 euros for a case of 18-carat gold. Unsurprisingly, the concept had extremely low customer demand, so the Apple Watch Edition was quickly discontinued.

Aside from the high price point, one problem was certainly that there wasn’t a technically unique selling point compared to the regular version of the smartwatch — that would be different with the Apple Watch Pro. The other specifications are now congruent with Series 8 if the rumors are correct. A new SoC, the S8, a body temperature sensor for measuring fever, and an improved energy-saving mode are expected.

So far, the latter only allows the time to be displayed. In the future, it should be possible to display additional values ​​as an option. In addition, Apple is coming up with a successor to the Apple Watch SE, which is intended to replace the Series 3 that is still on the market. While the new cheapest Apple Watch should also get the S8 chip, it has to do without the body temperature sensor.

With lots of new products in the fall

All three editions are likely to be presented in September this year when watchOS 9 will also be released. The iPhone 14 (Max) and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected at the same time. Furthermore, a new iPad model, M2 versions of the Macbook Pro with 14 and 16 inches, and an update of the HomePod are expected, as well as a new Apple TV and the second generation of the AirPods Pro.

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