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Apple Watch 7 Series Gets More Bike Support And Display Space

Watch 7 series

The Californian company today announced the Apple Watch Series 7 and presented it during the event. This stands out due to a slightly different design, but Cupertino has also worked on the interior.

The product designers made the edge of the smartwatch thinner. This now only measures 1.7 millimeters. The curved display apparently extends to the outer edge and thus gets a little more space. Ultimately, this leaves more space for the clock surfaces and the other elements of the user interface. In particular, Apple advertises that it can display 50 percent more message text, which makes reading on the smartwatch more pleasant.

In always-on mode, the display should be around 70 percent brighter than before, which makes it easier to read the content, especially in bright surroundings. The larger display now also makes it possible to display a complete virtual keyboard on which you can write using swiping gestures.

More support and features for cyclists

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in two sizes: the small version has grown from 40 to 41 millimeters, the larger version from 44 to 45 millimeters. The smartwatch is again available in various color versions and with a wide variety of bracelets. The associated charger can now be supplied with power via USB-C instead of the old USB-A.

With the introduction of the new version, Apple also added improved support for cyclists to the WatchOS 8 operating system. Breaks and stops at red traffic lights are now better recognized. The fitness calculations also include when a user is sitting on an e-bike so that the calorie consumption can be calculated more realistically. In addition, the watch can automatically send an emergency call if it detects a hard fall of the driver. The Apple Watch Series 7 is available for 399 euros in Europe and will go on sale in the fall.

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