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Apple Watch Series 8 Pro has been announced

Before the release of the new Apple Watch Series 8, the manufacturer seems to be emptying its warehouse. Many models of the current Series 7 are now sold out, especially those with a titanium case. The production capacities should therefore switch to the Pro model of the smartwatch. Along with the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is expected to present its next generation of smartwatches as early as September.

Not only has the rumor mill been talking about a Pro model of the Apple Watch Series 8 for quite some time, the company itself is now also fueling speculation. Apparently, the Apple Store has already started selling the Apple Watch Series 7 Edition with a titanium case, which could be replaced by the Series 8 Pro in the future.

Titan models already sold out in local Apple Stores

Only a few models of the premium version are sold in Germany, the US, and the UK through Apple’s online store. Collection in local Apple Stores is no longer possible. However, the Apple Watch Series 7 with stainless steel or aluminum housings is still available, which speaks for the switch in production capabilities from the Apple Watch Edition to the Series 8 Pro. How high these capacities have always been unknown, as have the official sales figures.

Experts currently do not know how the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro will turn out. On the one hand, it is an outdoor smartwatch with particularly stable housing and on the other hand, it is a luxury model, which is the only one to have a fresh design this year. Only the forecast of a bigger screen is shared by most insiders. So it remains to be seen whether another year will pass without significant upgrades or whether the Apple Watch family will look like the iPhone and iPad portfolio – with flat bezels, for example.

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