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Apple Watch Update Brings ECG App Improved Health Function

In addition to the updates for iOS, Apple has also released a new watchOS version, including a new ECG app with improved functions. This also improves the possible detection of atrial fibrillation.

Apple has released watchOS 7.2 with an improved ECG function and support for Apple Fitness +. Fitness + is initially not interested in Europe because the new service has not yet started here. But there are some especially improved features for Fitness + that all watch owners benefit from. This update also improves the calculation of the VO2 / oxygen uptake capacity.

Big Update For ECG App

The “big” update for the ECG app is interesting. It’s the first time since the Apple Watch Series 4 launched that there has been a major overhaul of the app with new features. The app can now better detect whether there is a cardiac arrhythmia, even if the heart rate is over 120 beats per minute when measured. So far, the ECG recording was not clear, now the app can also detect atrial fibrillation.

Oppo Watch With ECG Function Coming This September

The new ECG app is available for the Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, or Series 6. The Apple Watch SE does not offer an ECG function. Another new option is the option to be notified when the cardio fitness level is at a low level. There is also the option of checking the cardio fitness level based on age and gender in the Health app on the iPhone.

How to get the update

The easiest way to update is via a paired iPhone and the watch app. If a software update is available, it is started under General / Software update / Install. Users with automatic updates will receive the new version as soon as it can be downloaded and installed during the next available loading time.