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Apple Projects 30 Percent More Orders For iPhones Next Year

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Bolstered by the excellent demand for the new iPhone 12, expected to grow further in the coming months despite being an expensive option for users, Apple would have ordered its suppliers about 96 million units for the first half of 2021, an increase of almost a third compared to the same period of 2020. The order, however, would not only relate to iPhone 12 but also to a certain quantity of iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR.

As reported by the Nikkei Asian Review, several component manufacturers have confirmed this significant increase in production which for the whole of 2021 could reach a total maximum, including both new and older models, of 230 million iPhones, about 20 % more than all those made in 2019.

In recent months, reference has often been made to important difficulties on the part of Apple in the constant supply of components which, in fact, would have slowed down the production of the new iPhones, the Pro models in particular, which had a greater demand. stronger than expected “. iPhone 12 Pro, we recall, arrived on the market in October together with iPhone 12. iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, has arrived iPhone 12 mini from mid-November.

According to calculations made by Sina Finance, Apple could produce up to 176 million iPhone 12 in 2020. The analysis was done based on the rumor that TSMC has provided Qualcomm about 80,000 12 “wafers for the production of 5G modems; each wafer can produce 2,211 modems. Apple, however, may have simply stocked up with the goal to use them also in other devices, a new iPad Pro for example, but the hypothesized figure would still be in line with the estimates made by market analysts.