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Apple Will Drop Chips Supplied by Qualcomm

There have been issues going on between Qualcomm and Apple for months now. Finally, Apple has developed iPhones and iPads that won’t use chips supplied by Qualcomm. This is informed by two people who know about the subject at hand.

Now Apple can change this decision but as of now iPhones that will be released in fall 2018 won’t have Qualcomm components. The informants remained anonymous as they were not allowed to discuss the subject with media.

Qualcomm stopped giving Apple some software to test its chips in iPhone and from here all the dispute began. Also, the two tech companies are involved in a legal conflict with each other on Qualcomm’s licensing terms issue.

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As per Qualcomm, “We are committed to supporting Apple’s new devices consistent with our support of all others in the industry.”

As per Stacy Rasgon Bernstein analyst, Apple’s move is not unexpected at all.  Ragson further informed that Apple has used modems supplied by Qualcomm for years now. These modems help Apple device to connect with wireless data networks. Now Intel Corp has also provided Apple with half of its modem chips in recent times. Intel acquired a company that can easily replace Qualcomm chips in iPhone. Thus Apple won’t suffer from dropping Qualcomm out.

Though Rasgon also said that it is not confirmed whether Apple will surely drop Qualcomm or not.

Rasgon noted, “Apple is big enough that they want to support multiple paths, they can do that. Samsung (Electronics Co ) did this too. A couple of years ago, Samsung designed Qualcomm out, but Qualcomm didn’t even know until it was close to time to ship (Samsung’s phones).”