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Sony Smartphones Are Back in Pakistan

The Japanese smartphone company, Sony is ready to relaunch its smartphones in Pakistan after years now. As per reports, Sony will retain the sales and service centers in the country. In just a few days Sony is set to return back in Pakistan.

Xperia models were the most loved and used flagship devices of Sony and Pakistani users will be able to buy them again.

In 2011 Sony halted its operations in Pakistan as Sony and Ericsson separated. Sony Ericsson was together for ten years, their separation led to Sony stopping its operations in Pakistan.

Currently, Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are the top three mobile companies in Pakistan. With Sony in town, these three will have tough competition.

On one hand, it is true that Pakistanis loved Sony smartphones and many found them better than those of other companies. On the other hand, many other brands have made a place in Pakistani market including OPPO, Xiaomi, and Vivo. In midst of such tight competition will Sony easily manage to find its place again is a question yet to be answered?

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An official announcement is still to be made from Sony about its relaunch in Pakistan.