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Apple will introduce a foldable iPad by 2024, analysts suggest

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Tech companies are gearing up the competition by adding the latest features and new products to the market. Foldable devices are no new to the competition. Various Tech companies have stepped into this race. As we already know that Google announced a foldable phone some time ago. Now, Apple is going to introduce a foldable Tablet by 2024, according to some reports.

An analyst from CCS Insight told CNBC that Apple has decided to enter the foldable technology by introducing a foldable tablet instead of going for a foldable mobile device.

Ben Wood said that Apple is going to unfollow the trend of foldable mobile and instead dip its toe in the water by introducing a foldable iPad at CCS Insight, a firm that is following the developments in mobile communication for over the last 30 years.  

According to CCS Insight, the foldable device by Apple would be equipped with a large display. This display is expected to be around some 20-inches which is quite larger than a smartphone. As per Mark Gurman, Apple is working on developing a dual-screen, and foldable hybrid of MacBook/iPad.

In accordance with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he expected the company to introduce its foldable smartphone as early as 2024, but the recent developments have made him think that Apple might take its approach toward a hybrid device. It might be introduced by 2025. A year later as predicted by CCS.

Wood suggested at CCS Insight, that starting off the venture in foldable technology with a folding iPhone could be a risky move. Since any accompanied hardware issue would question the reputation of the company. Similarly, Wood suggested that the price for such a foldable device could be much higher as compared to the latest version iPhone. He claimed that Apple’s foldable device could cost $2500 compared to $900 for iPhone 14, which is the most expensive iPhone.

With the rise in competition, the company will be compelled to introduce the foldable iPhone. But the growing consensus suggests that Apple could introduce a larger foldable before that.

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