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Apple working on 20-inch foldable MacBook, iPhone Fold Delayed

It is known that Apple is working on devices with a foldable display. Now an expert and analyst want to be able to provide interesting details. Apple is therefore testing the idea of ​​an all-screen 20-inch foldable MacBook and the foldable iPhone is progressing slowly.

Apple’s Lab Trying Different Recipes

Foldables are currently a niche product with a lot of potentials, the advantages of the devices are often accompanied by some clear disadvantages. Apple is known for observing new markets and launching its own product only after it has reached a certain maturity level – exemplified with the iPhone and iPad. Now, Ross Young, an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants (via MacRumors), so to speak, direct looks into Apple’s development department.

As per the latest report from the display specialists, Apple is currently in the experimental phase with most products with a foldable display and is “in no rush” to enter the market. Probably the most open experiment right now without the intention of an early release: Apple is currently in talks with suppliers, according to Young, as they want to try out 20-inch foldable all-screen MacBooks.

Apple pursues the idea of ​​a multi-use device. When folded, it can be used as a laptop with a full-screen keyboard, unfolded as an all-in-one monitor with an external keyboard – or as a giant iPad. However, Young doesn’t see any product of this type leaving the development department before 2025. However, Apple’s interest is already considered “very good news” for suppliers of folding technology.

iPhone Fold Postponed

Last but not least, Young also provides an update on the product Apple is likely to be celebrating its entry into the foldable market with the iPhone. Where previous estimates predicted a start for the years 2023-24, the analyst now wants to be able to inform about a new timetable here. Talks with suppliers show that Apple has again postponed the launch of its foldable iPhone and is currently planning for 2025.