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Apple will launch the largest iPhone ever in 2018

Apple Inc. is just watching the pace of others, Samsung launched Galaxy S9 and Nokia launched five new phones in MWC 2018. Apple is going to launch the largest iPhone ever later this year according to people that are familiar with the products and services in Apple, Bloomberg reported.

Apple will also launch an upgraded and less expensive version of the current iPhone X which will be carrying some of the key features of flagships.

Apple is now in the phase of running internal production tests with suppliers, the innovative giant is expected to launch new phones by this fall, However, the plans can be changed by Apple but it is most likely that Apple will launch some of its new phones this year. Apple was not available to immediately comment on the report.

Apple is facing disappointment in revenues generated by the company so far even after launching its flagship iPhone X in the market. The company has forecasted the revenue of $60 billion to $62 billion for its second quarter ending in March. One of the major reasons is the declining demand and shipments of its iPhone X after sales didn’t meet the target during Christmas.

The global smartphone market would see a stable trend or even shrink after a strong growth last year. New phone sales are declining globally due to the stability of required and desired features by consumers that can be found in any smartphone now, smartphone manufacturers are now focusing on designs and specifications in order to encourage consumers to ditch their old phones and buy new ones.

Similarly, Samsung has recently unveiled its Galaxy S9 which introduces next level camera and video recording along with visual applications for social media. Samsung is hoping to attract tech-savvy young consumers market with these features.

The new iPhone would be like a phablet something in between the phone and tablet featuring a 6.5-inch display, however, the body of the phone would be similar to iPhone 8 Plus and the screen would be having an additional inch in it.

The giant iPhone has a code name D33, according to a person familiar with the development, Apple is also working on an upgraded version of regular-sized iPhone X, this version is dubbed D32.

Both the versions would be using next-generation A12 processors, the phones will have stainless steel edges and will be Apple’s high-end smartphones.