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China develops bullet trains which can travel at 400km per hour

China develops its new high-speed bullet trains that have a capability of travelling as fast as 400km per hour which equates to travelling from Islamabad to Karachi in just 3.5 hours, said a high echelon personnel in China’s high-speed railway technology development department on Monday during a press conference.

Professor Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ding Rongjun said, China is also conducting R&D on the next generation magnetic-levitation train which could produce the speed of 600km per hour. “We are now working on the TV signals in the trains and how to link them effectively so that the commuters can enjoy their time travelling”, he added.

He further elaborated the technology and said, a permanent magnetic drive system is being added to the trains and it’s under assessment currently. He said this automatic unmanned magnetic drive technology will be used in the future to develop better high-speed trains.

Previously, China has developed Fuxing trains, the speed of these trains was elevated to 350km per hour after these bullet trains started operations between Beijing and Shanghai on September 21, 2017.

Fuxing trains were upgraded from the previous Hexie bullet trains which increased the speed, reliability and the level of comfort. Fuxing bullet trains were entirely manufactured, designed and maintained in China, the trains are more spacious, energy-efficient and having a long service life.

Now the new upgrade is even more promising, 400km per hour speed is unmatched, it can save time travelling by air comparatively below a 1000km distance of travel because airport procedures, flying and landing takes more time for shorter distances.

China is also developing flying trains, China Aerospace Science and Technology department announced in September last year that it is developing the trains that could travel up to 2500km per hour. China has successfully tested its elevated sky train in July 2017.

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