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Apple’s deliberate slowing down older phones took it in the court

It was discovered by the researchers that Apple is deliberately slowing down older models in order to compel users to buy newer models according to NBC News report which covers lawsuit contents.

After Apple admits that it slows down the older phones two class action lawsuits were filed against Apple in the United States according to Reuters. In replying the allegations Apple said it slows down the previous phones deliberately in order to extend the phone’s life which increases the phones battery power as well. However, Apple denies the allegations that it does this to make users to buy new phones.

The lawsuits were filled in Chicago and California by the groups of iPhone users on behalf of other users who claim that they have suffered damage due to this, economic as well as time.

According to California court papers, Dakota Speas and Stefan Boganovich who live in LA, citing loss of value, loss of use, the time consumed, and purchase of new batteries are the main reasons for compensation. However, iPhone users never allowed the company to slow down the phones for protection or prolong phones life, they never consented.

According to James Vlahakis who represents Sulaiman Law Group and plaintiffs in Chicago legal action, “Apple has failed to inform and get consent from the consumers about these updates which would affect iPhone’s performance is considered purposeful, if that is proven, it constitutes the unlawful act of withholding material information which must have been acknowledged by the consumers.”

Mr. Vlahakis also added that it would be a “Direct Violation” of consumer fraud related legislation in North Carolina, Illinois, and Indiana where the complaints are registered.