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World’s Smallest Mobile Phone—Tiny t1

When the mobile phone industry is on a day-to-day basis busy with the launching of bigger screen phones, a United Kingdom based company has unveiled the world’s smallest phone ever—it is no toy but an actual working phone.

The smallest phone weigh thirteen grams and has a 0.49-inch OLED display—it is named Zanco Tiny t1. The OLED display used for the phone is the same being used in today’s smartphones but in smaller size. The phone is so small that it is just the size of a human thumb.

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Although the device is incomparable to the present-day smartphones still it offers a variety of features—including a Nano-SIM card slot along with the option to save above three hundred contacts. Additionally, the phone can keep a record of the last fifty SMS messages and last fifty calls. The keyboard of the gadget is also very efficient and smooth, as per the reports.

Shahzad Talib—Tiny t1’s founder and a Bradford born Entrepreneur said that he came up with the idea of this tiny phone back in 2004 and since then he had engineers working on making it a reality. He said that the phone is simple to use once placed on the finger. He added that he intends to make a small smartphone and he has many ideas relating it.

Tiny t1 could work with any telecommunication network and would support a 2G network. As per reports the device has 22mAh battery and could provide three days standby battery along with the one hundred and eighty minutes talk time.

Other than this the phone includes a speaker, Micro-USB port, a microphone, 32MB storage and 32MB RAM. It also supports thirteen voice alterations, as per the company reported by the Times Now.

Zanco is presently available at EUR 30 which means rupees two thousand five hundred. The company informed that the phone would be ready for shipping from May 2018 and would be shipped to most of the countries in the world.

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