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Apple’s New Ad Mocks PC Users

After Samsung’s troll on Apple in one of its ads and Microsoft—CEO mocking iPad users, now Apple has launched its new ad to hit at the laptop users.

The newly released ad of iPad Pro by Apple depicts that how the iPads could be a replacement for personal computers (PCs). The ad seems to be targeted in response to the ad posted by Satya Nadela—CEO Microsoft teasing the iPad users to get some real computer.

The ad begins with a kid using a 10.5-inch iPad Pro attached to a Smart Keyboard and the Pencil of Apple. The kid is shown to be in continuous motion instead of being fixed at a space. The kid in the ad is strolling around everywhere from treetops, to bus rides, coffee shops, home and a garden.

The kid is shown to be involved in a lot of activities just via the iPad, like reading comics, taking screenshots, doodling, snapping pictures, writing papers and much more. The advertisement ends with the inquiry of the mother asking, “what are you doing on your computer?” upon which the kid replies “What’s a computer?”


As per Tech Crunch, the featured kid symbolizes the youth of next generation who are unaware of the old conventional computers and depicting that the iPad could possibly be the future of computers.

The iPad Pro ad features various traits like the edge-to-edge display and Ios 11.1. As shown in the advertisement that while using FaceTime a person could also take pictures, draw, browse for other photos, screenshot or send photos to iMessage. This shows the multitasking abilities of the iPad Pro.

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