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Uber Adds Live Location Sharing and More Features

Uber added some new features just a few weeks back both for the drivers and the users yet again it has added some new feature for making the overall ride experience much easier and convenient for the users their families and friends.

The ride-hailing app has now added the feature to share the live location. This would enable the driver to locate the user once the user clicks on the grey icon on the bottom right of the screen. This is an important feature especially when the rider is walking towards the pickup location so the driver of the called Uber car is not left in dark. The driver could see the movements of the passenger via this feature (provided that the user has turned on the location live sharing option).

Beacons are also helpful at the end of the user for assisting them to locate the called Uber car in mid of many cars. This feature is now available in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

Beacon is a device that lights up the driver’s windshield to assist in much quicker spotting of the driver and rider in crowded areas at night. The riders could select a color of the beacon for their rider and their rider’s car windshield would glow in that color.

Another feature has also been introduced by the company which is the guest hailing feature. This allows one to call the ride-providing cabs for family members and friends and let them have their own interaction with the drivers through messages without one being stuck in the middle as a conveyor. Just by clicking on “where to” at the top of the screen and a different rider could be added.

In-app gifting feature is also added by Uber, so now Uber credits could be shared with friends and others without leaving the application. It is a nice feature to share credits with family member and friends as this gift is also a beneficial one.

The new features rolled out yesterday.

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