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Are you ready to charge your mobile from up to three feet away?

Charging your mobile phone without plugging in the charger is much easier than plugin the charger’s wire in a device, but wireless charger still needs the device to establish a physical connection with the station to actually work.

But now, the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) has given a green signal to the first wireless charger which is able to charge the device from up to three feet away.

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The FCC had given us the first certification for power-at-a-distance wireless charging with its WattUp Mid Field transmitter, said Energous, a San Jose-based startup.

The transmitter converts electricity into radio frequencies, then sends the converted energy to the nearby devices equipped with a corresponding receiver.

The wireless charger can charge multiple devices at the same time and is able to work on any number of devices. Phones, tablets, keyboards, and earbuds can be charged so long as they’re connected to the right receiver.

You can charge your Samsung phone even if the transmitter is manufactured by Apple or Sony, What else any company can do for you?