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RoboMinors: Promoting Innovation in Kids through Applied Robotics

Incorporating technology in education has not been practically implemented in schools of Pakistan. We still follow the conventional education pattern, resisting or completely avoiding innovative techniques and instructional programs through STEM education.

In recent times, a company has emerged introducing Robotics Education in Pakistan. RoboMinors is a firm that facilitates young students and instills knowledge, problem-solving skills and critical thinking for creation, experimentation, design, and operation of Robots.

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Dr. Mansoor Shaukat is the founder and CEO of RoboMinors. Dr. Mansoor explained the reason for creating this organization, saying “When I was living in Singapore I was captivated by the extensive technological and art exposure my son received at school. An exposure that, unfortunately, does not prevail in the education system of Pakistan and henceforth, children’s genuine interests are overlooked.”

What do RoboMinors offer?

An opportunity for young minds to indulge in engaging robotics activities.

They offer age-appropriate courses for every group part of the campus. So every age group is learning a different craft in RoboMinors workshops.

Camps offered by RoboMinors

Weekend Camp:

Open all year on Fridays except during Summer break. It is flexible, reliable and a complete learning experience.

Summer Camp:

Offers 14 short courses during Summer break, from June 5th to August 11.

Winter Camp:

Explore the creativity in you by attending any of the 9 robotic short courses offered during Winter Break.

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Benefits of attending a RoboMinors Workshop:

  • Children will learn through healthy activities instead of by memorizing books
  • STEM education through Applied Robotics creates a sense of curiosity and anticipation in kids. They want to explore, experiment & create.
  • Build analytical skills in children so they get equipped at problem-solving & critical thinking
  • Introduces Programming to Students in a Fun Way
  • Nurture Skills Needed for Future Employment


RoboMinors Workshop in Schools of Pakistan

RoboMinors at LGS Islamabad

RoboMinors at ACE International Academy

RoboMinors at EMS Islamabad

RoboMinors at Cadet College Hasanabdal


Why is Robotics Education Necessary?

The world has witnessed French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Mobile Revolution, Social Media Revolution and today we are moving towards Robotics Revolution. Robotics is the future of technology and it is important we provide the young kids with necessary knowledge and power so that they can create future.