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Artifact is now available for everyone

We often see many businesses start off as partnerships and later split out in their own ways. The same is true here: Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have launched their own company called Artifact, and their app is now available for everyone to download and use.

Artifact is a news hunting application that will help you find news articles that are based on your interests. This company is using the formula of artificial intelligence in order to provide you with its service. It will provide you with the names of articles you need to read without the chaos.

The concept and idea of application are quite interesting. Although the application isn’t yet ready for massive downloads, To experience this application, you need to join a waiting list. This is quite a disappointment for those who were really interested in the application.

Artifact is now available for everyone

People who are waiting for this application can now be free of worry as it’s available for everyone now. As per information from a tweet by Kevin Systrome, the app is now available for everyone. The tweet also contained a short video about the application.

This application is designed to provide the content that you want to read. You can begin reading from the application by downloading it. However, to keep your data and move the application between devices, you can also create an account. However, it won’t take you that long to get an account for the app, as it only needs your phone number other than your email and password.

By logging in to the app, you are able to select the topics you need to read articles on. Currently, there are 54 topics to choose from. These categories include tech, science, TV, movies, cars, fashion, and so on. While setting up your profile, you need to pick up at least 10 of them. You can also alter those choices later.

When you are done with profile setup, you will see a main feed filled with articles of your interest. You can also specify the topic you want to read articles on.

This application is quite useful as it will keep you up to date with the latest headlines. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

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