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Florida Attorney General proposes a transparency policy flag foreign-owned apps


As per the advancements in technology, security risks are also becoming higher with time. For a long time, the US government has accused TikTok of having security issues. In spite of these circumstances, Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody has introduced the latest policy regarding foreign flag-owned and developed applications with special icons or designations. This latest policy will address this issue and spread awareness about the risks of installing this application.

Moody’s policy has depicted a new way of thinking about this risk. Although many other states have banned the application of Tiktok due to security threats, Although Moody’s has introduced a policy that will inform users about the risks associated with applications that are owned by foreign entities,

One of the main reasons she wrote letters to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook was Pushwoosh, a Russian malicious code found in hundreds of apps on the App Store, including those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Army.

Empowering users to make informed decisions

As per Moody’s perspective, there were certain issues regarding the transparency of the application that posed a risk to American citizens. Her idea is to inform users of all the details about the application’s transparency and allow them to make decisions about installing it based on all of the transparent knowledge provided. This will let consumers access the best level of transparency and protection they can acquire.

“Consumers have a right to be aware of any connections between these nations and the conception, creation, or ownership of these applications.” Consumers can choose whether or not they want to commit themselves, or this country, to the inherent and enhanced dangers connected with such foreign applications by being informed of this foreign-based status, according to her letter.

Considering both Apple and Google currently identify the creator and provide links to their website, it is unclear whether they will alert foreign-owned apps in response to Moody’s recommendation. Yet, app shops must take action to safeguard their customers given the growing worries about data privacy and security.

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