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Asus Announces Z590 Series Of Motherboard

Asus Z590 Series

Asus Tek has announced the launch of a brand-new Z590 series motherboard. The new products cover ROG Maximus XIII, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming and Prime series. Corresponding products can be found in the high-end to mainstream markets.

According to ASUS, these motherboards can maximize the full potential of the 11th-generation Intel Core processors. They all use enhanced VRM to provide sensitive and reliable power supply, and they all provide M.2 heat dissipation solutions. At the same time, the motherboard is very advanced and complete in terms of connection, equipped with onboard USB 3.2 Gen 2X2 Type-C, up to 10GB Ethernet port and WiFi 6E. In addition, there are a series of AI technologies, including AI, overclocking, AI heat dissipation, AI network and two-way AI noise reduction, so that users can easily optimize.

ASUS has once again improved the power supply capability of the Z590 series motherboards and redesigned the VRM. For example, the high-end ROG Maximus XIII Extreme motherboard uses 18+2 power supply, and the newly designed heat dissipation system achieves continuous high-performance output. Regardless of ROG Strix, TUF Gaming or Prime series, they all benefit from the enhanced power supply and heat dissipation design. Of course, the design of heat dissipation is not only for the power supply system but also other parts of the motherboard to ensure that the performance of the computer will not be affected by overheating.

The Z590 motherboards of ROG and ROG Strix series also use the new Realtek ALC4000 series onboard sound cards. Some models are equipped with a new generation of audio codecs and enthusiast ESS digital-to-analog converters, plus SupremeFX series circuit design and software tools to ensure. The most satisfying gaming and listening experience. In addition, all ROG Maximus XIII series Z590 motherboards provide up to two onboard Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C ports. In addition to fully supporting the next-generation USB4 protocol, they can also provide up to 40Gbps bandwidth through a cable up to 2 meters. In the future, Asus Tek will also release 500 series motherboards based on H570, B560 and H510 chipsets. The 400 series motherboards will also support the latest 11th generation Core processors through firmware updates.

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