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At WWDC, Apple Preludes a “New Era” and coding “New Worlds”


This year at WWDC, Apple is openly teasing the beginning of “a new era” and the capability to “code new worlds” in an effort to raise interest in the highly anticipated unveiling of its mixed-reality headset.

The phrase “new era” was used by Apple in a tweet earlier today. Possibly the company could be taking advantage of the huge expectations for its WWDC keynote scheduled for next week. The introduction of a significant new product and operating system—something that has not happened since the original Apple Watch made its debut in September 2014—would appear to justify the beginning of a new era for the business.

In line with this current statement by the company, a blog post was shared on the Apple developer website. The post was titled ‘Code new worlds.’ Well, it could be an indication that developers will be able to develop immersive AR and VR experiences for the company’s headset.

Until now, both these terms i.e., “new era” and “code new worlds” has not been used, in what appears to be an intensification of the rhetoric surrounding the upcoming keynote event. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, used the phrase “beginning of a new era for the iPhone” while unveiling the iPhone 12 back in October 2020. However, the firm rarely makes such outlandish claims in advance of events, especially for WWDC. Today, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated that he anticipates the keynote “to be one of Apple’s longest ever and easily exceed two hours.”

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