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AVM launches new feature for FritzApp Smart Home with FritzOS beta

The internet specialist AVM has released another update for the FritzApp Smart Home for Android. However, the innovation in this version can only be used in conjunction with FritzOS 7.39, which is currently still in beta testing.

AVM provides an update for users of the FritzApp Smart Home for Android. The new version number is 1.8.7. This is a feature update which means there are new features. According to AVM, the ability for users to create their own color templates will begin with the new version.

However, this currently only works if the connected Fritz network is used with one of the experimental lab versions. Condition is therefore FritzOS 7.39. The release notes for the app update only include this one point, we’ve included them at the end of this post.

So there are no other changes. The update is nevertheless recommended to all users as there are security-related changes under the hood with each update. The new version is immediately available as an automatic update or via the Available on the Play Store.

What can the FritzApp Smart Home do?

The FritzApp Smart Home serves as a remote control for all Fritz DECT devices. With the application, everything from installation, operation, and changes to the smart home becomes easy to manage with just a few clicks.

For the Fritz network, some features of the app are generally only supported if the connected FritzBoxes are running at least FritzOS 7.10. AVM asks users of the app for feedback about the application to further improve the app. Suggestions for improvement and feature requests are always welcome.

New features and changes

  • NEW: Create color templates (from FritzOS lab version 7.39)