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FritzOS 7.50 innovation AVM starts new FritzBox Lab with WireGuard

The most popular European and German IT company AVM starts another laboratory phase and equips its FritzBox routers with a new beta firmware. The latest update provides a preview of the upcoming innovations in FritzOS 7.50. The FritzBox 7590 is the first to be updated.

As AVM said the launch of the new lab software should be accompanied by many new functions in the areas of VPN, WLAN mesh, telephone comfort and operation. Among the other major highlights are the already expected support for VPN connections via the WireGuard protocol and design changes that are related to the user interface. The latter should primarily enable a better overview of the WLAN network, the display of which is now also optimized for smartphones.

More on Smart Home and NAS

Moreover, the company also promises users who use the FritzBox as a mesh repeater higher data throughputs and more stability. With the new Fritz!OS, both bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) are supposed to be available for this. The Fritz!Fon also takes center stage, with a new appointment calendar and “caller announcements” that can be used as a ringtone to announce the caller by voice. Likewise, the phonebook is to act as a whitelist (positive list) in the future, so that theoretically no call blocks need to be kept for unwanted calls.

Away from this, the manufacturer of the device is introducing additional Smart Home functions. New templates are promised for controlling WLAN guest access, the answering machine, and push emails. Likewise, additional FritzBox sensors can be integrated into the ecosystem, which informed about open windows. Finally, the NAS feature of the routers is equipped with exFAT in addition to the file formats FAT and NTFS. You can also integrate Storage media into the home network even faster.

While AVM talks about improvements in the course of the next big update FritzOS 7.50, the new lab version carries the version number 7.39. As usual, the update can be downloaded at your own risk (beta status) via the website of the manufacturer and installed manually via the browser interface of the FritzBox 7590, which is suitable for DSL connections. When you use this it is always recommended that you use a backup beforehand.