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Baidu traffic Crashed App stores of Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung

It was reported yesterday that download traffic of Baidu app crashed the app stores of major manufacturers in China including Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung.

Reported by Weibo users the heavy traffic due to Chinese spring festival resulted in crash of several App Stores, Xiaomi was the first to crash and remained offline for as many as 10 minutes creating frustration for users. Huawei and Samsung followed and remained inaccessible for about 12 minutes.

After recognizing the problem Xiaomi customer service sent a message to users saying that, “Because in intensive download volume of some applications during Spring Festival season, the problem is arised, it is recommended to use the app some other time while our engineers are working to get the site back.”

According to some experts the problem was caused by a large portion of users downloading Baidu App during the early hours of yesterday morning. Due to the excessive number of red packets issued, Wechat red packets were stuck.

People reacted to the situation differently, some were frustrated, some said in a joke that App Store has blocked some people so the viewers already using Baidu App can smoothly share the red envelope.According to Chinese search engine giant Baidu’s official data, during the Spring Festival Evening the users jumped from 160 million to 300 million. The global Baidu App interactions hit 20.8 million times and Baidu DAU peak exceeded 300 million.