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Google launches Password Checkup Extension To Protect User Passwords

Google is always committed and working to protect users identity and data online whether the users are using Google products or third party applications.

Google has recently introduced a new Google Chrome extension dubbed “Password Checkup” which is specifically designed to protect users data, accounts and passwords from third party data breaches. Google has introduced a new feature in the app called “Cross Account Protection”

Google Password Checkup will proactively detect and respond to the security threats that users may receive online. For instance, Google will automatically reset the password on the Google account if the data has been exposed to third party data breach.

Google Chrome extension Password Checkup will also protect users beyond just Google apps and sites, if Google detects that username and password on a particular site has been compromised, it will issue an automatic trigger in the extension suggesting the user to change the password.

Users can easily protect their accounts online by using the Password Checkup extension in 4 easy steps, first, you have to add the Chrome extension to your browser and then activate the extension to keep using it.

Google in a blog post mentioned that no one including Google can learn the user’s account credentials, Google has developed privacy protecting techniques with the help of cryptography researchers at Google and Stanford University, you can learn more about the security details in a blog post.

Google said, it is the first phase of Password Checkup extension, the company will keep improving and updating the application in future so that users are protected all the time. Have you tried Google Chrome Extension “Password Checkup” yet? Let’s try this and make it success for your very own security.