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Based on Android 13 QPR1, LineageOS 20  releases incredibly quickly Source

A customized Android build requires a ton of quiet labor to be active. This environment is alive with players like Paranoid Android and LineageOS, the offspring of the original CyanogenMod, thanks to the galactic, ethereal hum. The Lineage devteam released a highly ambitious version bump on the final day of 2022, taking a stab at Android 13 with LineageOS 20.

Lineage outlines various significant changes in addition to merely a number change in a lengthy blog post that serves as a changelog. You won’t see a 20.1, it’s simply 20 all the way; it’s changing the manner in which it changes numbers by removing point updates, for starters. Repositories are listed under “lineage-20” rather than other names, which extends all the way down to the development level.

Since there are fewer changes among Android 12 and 13 this time around, we also receive a very quick transfer rather than having to wait till April for such an annual update. On QPR1, this update is based.

The most significant upgrade to Heritage is Aperture, a new photography app based on Google’s Camera-X framework. Although it is an own-brand product and a significant improvement over the previously used, customized Camera2 app, it mostly follows the stock playbook. It does include a built-in reader for QR codes. The Recording app has undergone a Material Design overhaul for audio. Stereo recording is now available in WAV mode.

Many devices will benefit from this upgrade because security updates from April to December of this year have been incorporated into LineageOS 20 and are compatible with devices running versions as old as 17.1.

The Fairphone 4, the Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 5, and 5a, as well as a large number of Motorola and OnePlus devices, are among the 20 devices that LineageOS 20 currently supports. These boards include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 845, 855, 865, and 888. Developers wishing to launch new products on the platform may be able to benefit from board-specific common kernels for a head start. You can obtain a LineageOS 18.1 kernel if your device is a Snapdragon 820 model.

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