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Doodle for Google’s winner, Sophie Araque-Liu, is from Florida. She named her illustration “Not Alone,” the story of which revolves around dependence on supporting systems when in need of help. As we emerged from this pandemic era of COVID-19, we came together on digital platforms, including Google. Here’s a list of all the initiatives taken by Google to make the world a better place to live:

The most recent search and mapping methods

The core focus of Google this year was to introduce more convenient methods of research. A new search method known as “Multi-search” allows you to search for images and text at the same time, take screenshots at the same time, and find them near your location. Google also provided improvements in the area of shopping that made it easier to find ways to reach local health care providers. The coverage of effective local news gave the news area a new look. More convenient and handy ways were introduced to fetch some of the latest information and facts.

Google Maps were updated to the point that they started to look like the real world, including some amazing perspective views along with important landmarks. Street View 15 launched a great feature to help you plan your next amazing trip with money-saving plans. A new LQGBT+-owned attribute was launched for search and mapping for higher authorities.

Latest Pixel, Nest, and Fitbit devices

At our yearly Made by Google event, we showcased our latest hardware devices, including Google’s first fully functional premium smartwatch, the Google Pixel Watch. The watch is an amazing complement to the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which we also introduced along with a new Nest doorbell, Wi-Fi, and the Google Home app.

This year, Fitbit also revealed new gadgets, including fitness-focused smartwatches and simple-to-use trackers. Fitbit now allows you to find out more about your heart health and sleep patterns.

Upgrades to Android, as well as simple methods to switch

We introduced new ways that Android 13 and other updates make it simple for your devices to function effectively together. Furthermore, our Messages app has improved much more, to the point where you may want to ask Apple to #GetTheMessage and switch to RCS from SMS. Fortunately, we’ve made switching to Android simpler than ever.

Updates from other Google products that are helpful

In addition to celebrating their tenth birthdays, Chrome OS and Play each received their hundredth significant update. Meanwhile, templates and a page-less format were among the major enhancements that smart canvas brought to Workspace users. We also revealed strategies for using Google Assistant in more casual chats. Additionally, we discussed how we’re utilizing technology to better reflect everyone’s skin tones in photographs. In the meanwhile, Google Assistant improvements can facilitate getting things done more quickly and easily on all devices.

AI-driven updates and research

You utilize a lot of Google products that are powered by AI. This year, we discussed the potential global benefits of artificial intelligence in domains including breast cancer research, maternity health, and climate change. Additionally, it enables us to improve the Chrome browser, produce excellent search results, and expand the list of languages available in Google Translate. (On a side note, it can also provide the image of a puppy emerging from an egg.)

Updates for your online safety

As always, security and privacy were important priorities this year. We created a new search tool and added new options for deleting your personal information from Search to help you manage your online presence. We improved our password manager and brought our Privacy Sandbox to Android so that everyone may take precautions to stay safe online.

Assistance to Ukraine

All departments inside the business pitched in to assist when the war started out in Ukraine. Google.org donated to charitable causes in addition to improving our security measures and releasing improvements to Search and Maps. Additionally, we have continuously supported refugees and other displaced persons throughout the year through both our goods and collaborations with organizations like Welcome.US.

Solutions to the climate crisis

This year, we made sure to keep the environment in mind in everything we did, even the places themselves, as workers at Google. Our recently constructed Bay View campus in California has the largest geothermal system in North America, is all-electric, and is water-positive (and our largest electric kitchen, too). We assisted you in making sustainable decisions when you purchased (and had your Pixel phone repaired) by funding companies addressing climate change. 

Support for individuals and communities globally

We also made announcements about a continuing cooperation with Goodwill for skill development and a new Google Career Certificates Fund to help students get ready for future careers. Additionally, we announced plans to invest $9.5 billion in our campuses and data centers in the US, as well as assistance for bringing education in computer science to 11 million kids nationwide. And to show our support for the Latino business scene, we revealed the names of the first 50 grantees of the Latino Founders Fund.

In addition to providing all teachers with useful new class features for Teacher Appreciation Week this year, we gave awards to all state teachers of the year and collaborated with food banks to provide 50 million meals to those in need. The $2 billion we’ve donated to organizations since 2017 includes everything.

In case you didn’t notice

Despite the difficulties of the year, we also enjoyed a little enjoyment. We brought you behind-the-scenes stories of your favorite items and the individuals who create them, from the Googler who trained his dog to “speak” to the Googler who estimated pi’s 100 trillion digits, from 13 unusual Street View photographs to 12 interesting facts about Google Doodles. Additionally, we included a number of advice on how to use Google products to their fullest, including how to plan a trip, use Google Scholar, and organize your Chrome tabs and Gmail inbox.

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