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Before Google Podcasts expires, Google allows users to migrate their podcasts


In September 2023, we learned that the Google Podcast app would soon be discontinued. The announcement was made by the tech giant Google that next year the app will be replaced with YouTube Music. In addition to this, the company declared that it will introduce a tool that will help users shift their podcasts to other platforms, including YouTube Music. Back then, the company didn’t share any timeline regarding the availability of the tool or the termination of the app. However, we have some insights now.

Recently, Google shared in a blog post that US users can use the Google Podcasts app until March next year. However, the app will officially end in April 2024. Besides this, through July 2024, users can move their podcast subscriptions. In the upcoming weeks, a tool that will make the process of moving your subscriptions to YouTube Music or another app easier for you to do will be available. You can export the subscriptions as an OPML file using that tool as well.

Once the tool becomes available, you can head to Google in order to find out the step-by-step instructions for using the tool. What will happen if a podcast is unavailable on YouTube? Well, the tech giant Google asserts that using the RSS of podcasts, they can be added directly to the YouTube Music library. Initially, the podcast support on the YouTube Music app was available in limited regions, including the US, Canada, and Latin America. However, the company declared that it aims to roll out podcasts on YouTube Music for all users by the end of the current year.