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Benefits of the PlayStation 5 DualSense charging station

With the DualSense charging station, two Playstation 5 controllers can be charged simultaneously. The charger comes in the Playstation 5 design and is powered by its own power supply. Since the controllers in the dual charging station are not connected to the Playstation 5, firmware updates cannot be performed while charging.

Nevertheless, the DualSense charging station is the controller charging enthusiast: since the Playstation 5 comes with a USB-C and USB-A port on the front, you should have your own cable for the USB-C port. and would let this dangle steadily from the console.

The Dual Sense charging station does not use the USB port on the controllers. Sony relies on a click-in mechanism on which you simply place the controller. An LED indicates that the controller is charging. The charging station does not necessarily have to be near the console. For example, if you always play from the couch, you can also place the DualSense charging station there.

Theoretically, the charger can also be used as a holder when the controllers are fully charged but the charging station is not connected to the power supply. Unlike the Playstation 5, there are no delivery problems with the DualSense charging station. When using the DualSense charging station, the USB ports on the console remain free. This can be useful if you want to play Let’s Sing with wired microphones, for example.

Especially those who use a lot of accessories, such as the HD camera, will be happy with the Playstation 5 with the permanently free USB ports and the no permanent swapping of cables. Since Sony doesn’t provide a USB cable to charge the controller with purchased DualSense controllers, a dual charging station should make sense for many PS5 buyers.

If you buy a second Playstation 5 controller, you should also immediately add the double charging station to the shopping cart. At 30 euros, the DualSense charging station is pleasantly affordable. If one of the charger’s cold plugs is too short, standardization allows you to buy an extra one of any length.