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Elon Musk is humiliated on Twitter after stealing a meme from a satirical site

While Elon Musk continues to buy up Twitter, that hasn’t stopped the richest man in the world from starting a social network war with a satirical site accusing him of stealing a meme from him.

For those who haven’t followed suit, on Sunday, Elon Musk stole a meme from Hard-Drive.net and deliberately cut off the watermark crediting the site. This was a screenshot of an article “‘The Zodiac Killer Letter’ solved by opening it with VLC Media Player”.

Hard Drive therefore quickly asked the billionaire for a source, but Elon Musk clearly didn’t want to hear anything. “Well, if you do something that looks like a meme and someone (not me) takes your name off, that’s it. Besides, it’s only a 6/10 meme, so get off your high horse! The selfless artistry from the creators of anonymous memes can be admired,” one tweet read.

Elon Musk is quickly losing the war he started on Twitter

In particular, the satirical site provoked the billionaire by stating that he would buy him a horse if he stopped cropping the site’s name from the memes he shares on Twitter. This, of course, refers to the sexual assault allegation that Musk has been dealing with for a few weeks now. As a memory, the billionaire would gladly offer a horse to a SpaceX flight attendant in exchange for an erotic massage. 

Elon Musk also lost 10 billion euros on his fortune after his accusations, mainly due to Tesla’s fall in the stock market. Hard Drive went on to post “OK let me know what you think of this one” along with a link to another article of his entitled “Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Go to Mars Because No One Doesn’t Hate It There”.

A small war ensues between Elon Musk who tries to throw spades at Hard Drive but keeps fighting back. For example, the site mocks the performance of Elon Musk during his performance on Saturday Night Live, when the billionaire disguised himself as Wario. Elon Musk clearly ended up capitulation, because after two requests from Hard Drive, Tesla and SpaceX CEO deleted his original tweet† In short, it is therefore better not to provoke a satirical site on social networks.

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