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Best Camera Mobile 2020: Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ At The Top Of DxOMark

Mate 40 Pro

It is not a surprise, since those who follow the analysis of DxOMark already know that at the top of the ranking of the best camera phones sat Huawei Mate 40 Pro: and it was therefore natural that the Pro+ (which here in Italy has not arrived), with its enhanced photographic sector, was destined for great things.

With 139 points overall, he is the new king: only 3 more than those scored by his younger brother, and 6 from Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, another device that has not arrived on our market (but we tried it anyway ). As usual, the highest results are those related to photos, the lowest is related to the zoom, and in the middle, there are videos: a clear indicator of which are the strong points of the industry, and where they still remain some margins of improvement.

The Mate 40 Pro+ camera, developed as per tradition with Leica, stands out (just like that of the Mate 40 Pro) for its excellent and wide dynamic range in all conditions, excellent exposure management and density of detail, pleasant colors, and balance punctual white, reliable and responsive autofocus, low noise level even for shots taken with the ultra-wide, and truly effective video stabilization.

The few shadow areas concern the (sporadic) presence of some visual artifacts, a reduced depth of field with occasional focus errors instead at close range, a preview of the images that often differ significantly from those actually acquired, and sharpness of the frames in videos that is not exactly uniform, with some differences that emerge especially in low light conditions.