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Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 First Renders Appeared

Mi Mix Alpha 2

Xiaomi caused a stir last year with the Mi Mix Alpha. The first smartphone with an all-round display put the argument of annoying screen frames aside. Now the possible second generation of the impressive concept appears with even more display area.

While more and more foldable smartphones are appearing, which can either be placed compactly in the trouser pocket or expanded into a tablet, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is developing in a further direction. The Mi Mix Alpha with its own “surround display” set the stone in motion for almost completely frameless smartphones, which bend their screen around the entire device in a 360-degree design. Purpose and usefulness have not yet been

360-degree display instead of foldable or roll-out?

In the database of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO), the Dutch colleagues from LetsGoDigital have now become aware of the presumably second generation of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, which is also shown there in the first pictures. The disruptive factor of the previously vertical camera was removed and replaced by a pop-up camera with three sensors and an LED flash. Xiaomi thus clears the way for an even larger, continuous all-round AMOLED display and better use of the camera both as a main and selfie cam. It is not yet known whether and when the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 2 will probably be produced in small batches. 

The first generation of the smartphone was postponed indefinitely just a few months after the official announcement. In terms of price, the Mi Mix Alpha would have cost the equivalent of 2560 euros at the end of 2019. A Snapdragon 855 Plus chip, 12 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage along with a 108-megapixel camera, 5G support, and titanium alloy were on board. It will be interesting to see where the smartphone future will develop: Foldable, all-round display, dual-screen or is it more classic?

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  1. How do you avoid screen presses on the side and back of the phone when you hold the phone. The idea is stupid. You also can’t see the back at the same time as the front which seems quite redundant.

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