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Best Laser Making Machines 2022

Laser marking devices damage-free mark any surface permanently with text, drawings, barcodes, and more. Laser marking is indeed the preferred technique for adding a unique pattern to metal or tough plastic objects. These machines are capable of labeling items like jewelry, tools, or medical equipment using text, barcodes, identification numbers, logos, or virtually any other type of design, including pictures.

These marking devices apply patterns to materials using only a comparatively low laser beam without changing the physical characteristics of the product, unlike laser engraving and laser etching that remove surface material.

AirMarker2 Cloudy

The updated portable Cloudray AirMarker is suitable for small enterprises and jewelry designers alike since it is lighter and more manageable. The AirMarker 2 features built-in air conditioning and an amazing marking speed (5,000 mm/s). For fast and simple marking of components, 110 x 110 mm – 175 x 175 mm, the laser head and lens are adjustable. This AirMarker 2 marks metals & some nonmetals, including hard plastics, and is available in grey or blue

Fiber Laser Marker Omtech

Although it has one of the longest lists of materials that it can work with on our list, this adaptable machine by California-based Omtech Laser specialists on metal.

You may obtain marking rates up to 7000 mm/s & it is simple to focus the variable lens thanks to the high-speed galvanometer driving mechanism. This marking machine has EzCad2 software, which runs on Windows OS and is compatible with a variety of other applications such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, & Photoshop.

The solid-state fiber laser from Raycus offers superior durability, stability, & efficiency. It’s perfect for situations needing incredibly precise tolerances. The robust 3-jaw rotating axis, which is an optional but extremely useful addition, makes it simple to mark & engrave the inner or outer circle of rings, bracelets, anklets, as well as other rounded & cylindrical surfaces. This machine comes in 30W and 50W versions from Omtech.

SFX Laser Split Fiber Laser

One of the more cost-effective & adaptable devices on the market is the SFX Laser Split Fiber Laser Marker & Engraver. Users can work with bigger materials and more complex surfaces thanks to its full modularization, which comprises an independent laser generator & lifter.

The marking zone area & laser power (30W or 50W) on this Chinese equipment may both be customized to a reasonable 300 x 300 mm. You’ll receive a respectable marking speed of 7,000 mm/s and 0.002 mm repositioning accuracy. The business also provides a rotational axis as an alternative.

Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, gold, silver, & platinum are just a few of the many materials that the SFX Laser can be used on. It can also be used on non-metal materials including nylon, ABS, and PVC. The SFX Laser is a suitable choice for SMBs or lone craft manufacturers because of its low-to-moderate price range and broad material support.

Triumph 3D Fiber Laser Making Machine

This Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine looks to be a fantastic option for small enterprises and industrial companies searching for a more reliable and user-friendly solution. It offers a thorough workflow with a touch screen interface and even an effective control system.

Users may change their machine to have a 110 x 100 mm – 210 x 210 mm marking area thanks to its flexible design & independent laser generator and lifter. Numerous various 3D forms, including slopes, cylinders, cones, balls, and more, may be engraved by it.

Aluminum, copper, gold, and silver are just a few of the several types of metal for which the Triumph Fiber Laser Marking Machine is suitable. According to the manufacturer, it also has a cutting-edge digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, which offers great stability in addition to high speed. It is a very adaptable machine that even has a rotational connection for engraving cylinders.

Ten High portable fiber laser-making machine

Not only is the Ten-High Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine effective, but it also looks good. There are four distinct colors for the laser marker (red, orange, blue, and gray). But keep in mind that you’ll get a random hue if you purchase from Amazon.

Along with its attractive appearance, this portable system offers 20W, 30W, & 50W laser power options, as well as a lightning-fast 9,000 mm/s recording speed. This is allegedly three to five times quicker than standard YAG and DP semiconductors marking machines, according to Ten-High. Additionally, the laser marker has a superior field mirror that enhances beam quality and permits precise marking. The range of the marking depth is 0.01 mm to 0.5 mm, and it is completely customizable.

This durable device, which has a 100,000-hour service life guarantee, operates with a variety of metal, plastic, glass, & ceramic materials. Ten-High points out that it’s best suited for extremely tough & brittle materials with higher melting points. Be advised that a protective cabinet is not included with the machine. To avoid eye damage, the manufacturer advises using laser-certified safety goggles.

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