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The best CNC routers and machines for woodworking

If you don’t have the time to manually carve wood, a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine is a need, whether you’re a woodworker on the side or a carpenter with a small company that specializes in carving exquisite wood furniture.

If you run a busy shop, these CNC machines can help you save time and the laborious task of manually engraving or carving features into the wood.

Machine MYSWEETY 2 in 1 CNC 3018 Pro Engraver

With this three-axis CNC router from MYSWEETY, wood carving has never been simpler. This tool mills, engrave, and carves wood and is ideal for more experienced CNC cutting machine users who are comfortable using the GRBL control software. Additionally, it is capable of cutting materials including pottery, bamboo, leather, and metal.

Additionally, there is a choice to utilize the offline controller, which is independent of a computer. Customers said that the assembly procedure was comparatively simple, and the assembly instructions are provided on the business website.

VEVOR CNC 3018 Professional Router

The ideal router for budget-conscious novices who want to start out in CNC routing is this one because of its low cost.

Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 operating systems provide an offline controller that enables users to modify settings without needing a computer. Additionally, a brick power source that runs on 24V is included with this instrument.


This RATTMOTOR DIY kit CNC router is another cost-effective tool for do-it-yourselfers. It has 42 stepper motors and a control board with a fan to cool the device.

The spindle speed reaches 20,000 rpm and incorporates a stepper motor with short-circuit safety, limit switches, and offline recognition, making it ideal for modest home woodworking projects.

Evolution3 E3 CNC Router Kit from BOBSCNC

This Evolution 4 CNC router makes engraving jobs appear simple thanks to one of the biggest cutting surfaces available and a rail system of 24×24 inches that can be enlarged.

For more stability, the Z-axis uses an ACME nut while the X and Y axes are driven by a belt. A Makita multiple-speed router is part of the spoil board, and an Arduino-based computer serves as the system’s controller.

CNC Laser Engraver ORTUR

It would be difficult for any enthusiast without a dedicated workspace to locate a tool with the functionality offered on this little ORTUR CNC engraver for less money in such a small size. This laser engraver has a sensor that turns off when it detects unplanned movements, providing the best possible safety protection.

The laser will immediately switch off if, for whatever reason, the motor or machine ceases moving or the machine’s location changes. In addition to Windows, this device runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Genmitsu SainSmart CNC Router

The most recent model in this line from Genmitsu is the SainSmart 3018-PROVer. Compared to the previous generation, the aluminum body offers increased stability, and the useful baffles serve as a safety wall as well as a dust collector.

Additionally, this variant is more potent and has stronger overload safeguards. Users may operate this machine without a computer thanks to the external monitor, and given that it is reasonably priced for a machine of this level, it also makes a fantastic CNC unit for students.

CNC Shark HD from Next Wave Automation

This Next Wave automated CNC router for woodworking, which is intended for industrial usage, is well worth the investment for a big or busy woodworking company. Wood, as well as other materials such as soft metal plastics or composites, may be carved with this CNC machine.

Through the end of November, the business is providing a refund for a free water-cooling system with the purchase of this item. A steel-enclosed gantry for increased stability, a USB port interface, a color touch screen, total control over all axes, auto-on/off router functionality, and software that enables users to construct a list of projects are among the features. Clamps, a 3D sampler pack, a one-year guarantee, and a carbide V-bit are all included with this tool.

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