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Better 5G And Series Shooting Experience In iPhone 13 Using LiDAR Scanner And mmWave 5G

iPhone 13

Recently, news about the release of a new iPhone this fall the iPhone 13 will be fully supported by the laser radar scanner, not limited to the Pro models. Therefore, on the mobile phone, Apple will provide users with a more powerful AR and shooting experience.

LiDAR (light detection and ranging) can determine distance by measuring the time it takes for light to touch an object and reflect back. Apple first introduced this feature when it released the new iPad Pro in March 2020, and then applied it to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

According to Apple, a special lidar scanner uses the direct time of flight (dToF) to measure the light reflected from up to five meters in an indoor or outdoor environment. It can detect from the photon level and can run at nanosecond speeds, opening up endless possibilities for augmented reality and a wider field. There has been news that Apple is developing AR headsets, iPhone and iPad continue to improve AR features, and may be able to build a foundation for independent AR devices in terms of content ecology in advance, or combine with AR headsets to provide a wealth of Use experience.

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In addition to relying on LiDAR scanners to enhance the shooting and AR experience, news from the supply chain said that the iPhone 13 series will support millimeter-wave 5G connections in more countries and regions, rather than ” only provided by the United States.”

Compared with the more widely used Sub-6GHz 5G, millimeter-wave can provide a faster 5G transmission rate, but the limitation is more obvious. The current penetration rate is far lower than the former. Apple vigorously promotes the iPhone’s support for millimeter waves, and whether it can achieve the curve beyond the Android flagship on the 5G terminal is worthy of attention.