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Beware Of Fake FBR Emails Warns Federal Board of Revenue

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FBR on Wednesday warned tax payers to be aware of fake emails circulating over the internet regarding anomalies in their tax returns and information.

FBR has pointed out an email structure, do-not-reply@fbrgovpk.com and denied any connection with this email address. If Taxpayers come across any sender like this they should ignore the email, immediately deleted it and do not click on anything attached to the email. 


These fake emails seek to inform users that they have discrepancies in their tax information; their tax returns do not match their sources of income and advise users to contact the concerned authority at their earliest.

These kinds of fake emails reportedly carry attachments equipped with harmful malware to attack users, the hackers try to inject malware into the system to extract sensitive information from the systems.

FBR also advised general public and taxpayers to immediately report to concerned authorities if they come across such attacks.


Hacking and attacking has been on the rise for the past few years, many international companies had been a victim of Wanna Cry Ransomware attack lately. These global attacks are worse than emails being circulated in Pakistan. But such attacks could lead to something bigger in the future, so it is strongly recommended to install good Anit-virus software and keep the systems updated.